Ketchikan Alaska

Ketchikan Alaska is an amazing community located in Southeast Alaska. It is the first city of Alaska you visit heading North.
The inside passage
With a population of about 14,000 Ketchikan City and the surrounding Ketchikan Gateway Borough make up what is known as Revilla (Revillagigedo) Island. Only a small portion of this island is inhabited with most of it being undisturbed by people.
Located just short of 700 miles North from Seattle Washington Ketchikan features a temperate climate being part of the Tongass National Forest. This is the nation's largest National Forest and is known as a temperate rain forest due to mild temperatures and lots and lots of rain.
The average rainfall in Ketchikan is about 140 inches a year compare that to our nations rainy capital of Seattle that gets less than 40 inches a year!
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