Ketchikan Wellness Coalition

The Ketchikan Wellness Coalition aims to increase the quality of life for Ketchikan’s residents. Through its nine task forces, the Coalition works to strengthen partnerships and efficiency by bridging service gaps, and increasing existing services. Links to the five task forces are listed in the menu bar below, each using their more commonly used acronym. For a list of all five task forces and their current focus, visit THIS PAGE.

In 2007, the United Way of Southeast Alaska released the Compass II survey. This survey contained detailed
quantitative data and statistics related to Ketchikan and its population and a large amount of qualitative data based on statements and opinions offered throughout the survey, focus groups, and interviews. After the distribution of this report, an organizational group of individuals met once a month for about a year identifying how to proceed. At that time, this group developed a strategic plan with the vision statement: “Establish Ketchikan as a vibrant community that people choose to live in and move to” and the mission statement: “promote community wellness through assessment and action.” This group became the “Ketchikan Wellness Coalition” with the goal of addressing the needs identified in the Compass II Assessment and other community needs identified through future assessments.

Five task forces were initially assembled: Empowering Youth, The Cost of Substance Abuse, Strengthening Cultural Unity, Uniting Around Life’s Challenges, and A Diverse Year-Round Economy. During the next year, two additional task forces joined the KWC: Promoting Respectful Relationships and Suicide Prevention Education and Awareness in Ketchikan. In November of 2012, the Tongass Community Food Alliance was added as the eighth task force.

Today the KWC is a formal 501 (c)3 non-profit organization made up of the steering committee and eight task forces. The Steering Committee has officers and a membership currently made up of ten people with representation from each of the task forces, and two paid staff positions. The Steering Committee meets the Third Thursday of each month at Public Health. It is responsible for providing a communication link between the task forces, developing policy, updating community health and wellness through on-going assessment, and fundraising for the KWC.

Establish Ketchikan as a vibrant (healthy) community that people choose to live in and move to.
Ketchikan Wellness Coalition promotes community wellness through assessment and action.